How to add AutoCAD DWG to PDF plotter

You should have DWG to PDF plotter in AutoCAD by default. This is very handy if you need to publish your drawing to PDF format, you don’t need to use separate PDF driver.


However, you may find it’s not available for some reason. The ‘plotter’ is a pc3 file stored in your PC. So if you delete it, then you will loose the plotter.

Creating a PC3 plotter

You can create PC3 plotter by accessing application menu (the big red A button)> Print> Manage Plotters.


It will open Windows Explorer and open the location where your plotters are stored. Double click Add-A-Plotter Wizard to run it.


You will see Add Plotter wizard. Choose my computer to create it on your machine, then click next.

On the next page, you can choose Autodesk ePlot (PDF) as plotter manufacturer. Then choose DWG to PDF as model.


Now you can click next and accept default values for the rest of this wizard. Click finish on the last page to finish creating plotter.

Now you should the DWG to PDF plotter.

Image plotters

I also use this wizard to create TIFF and TGA plotters to create high resolution images. Plotting drawings to JPEG is often not good enough. You can choose Raster File Formats as manufacturer to create those plotters.

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  1. says

    This saved me !! Thank you so much for posting this. I accidentally messed up my PDF plotter and was able to create a new one using your instructions.

    Thank you!

  2. MUHAMMED says

    i want to convert the cad drawings to pdf which i want the same color i draw in cad ,can you help me? i tried but all are black and white

  3. wenny says

    i already tried but it can’t
    i try to click next and show this message :
    “the network path was not found”
    what can i do?

  4. Jen S. says

    Did all the steps – but the only option under Audodesk ePlot (PDF) is a PDF model. I’m running AutoCAD 2008 – Lite – does this make a difference?


  5. Lindsay says

    Sorry to bother… I found the plotters under the shortcut and the dwg to pdf is listed there… but still when I go to plot a pdf in autoCad it still does not give me the option and I have no idea how to maje it recognize that its there… because still if I go to plotter manager it brings me straight to my documents instead of the correct place… I typed in the shortcut you gave when it did that but I still could not get dwg to pdf yo appear in the drop down menu in the plotscreen

  6. Lindsay says

    The above shortcut did not work… its says windows cannot find (and I did remember to put in my username)

  7. Lindsay says

    I just went to file, plotter manager directly on autocad… but it brings me to my documents instead of bringing me to a plotter manager.

  8. lindsay winans says

    When I try to go to plotter manager on my computer it brings me to the “my documents” foldee instead… how can I fix this? Thanks!!!

    • says

      Hi Lindsay,

      How did you access your Plotter Manager? It is just a shortcut. You can access it directly using Windows Explorer.
      For Windows 7:
      C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\R19.1\enu\Plotters
      Remember to change the user name to your Windows login user name.