DWG TrueView: Open and Save to Any Version of DWG


I include dwg in several AutoCAD tips/tutorial posts. So you can try it by your self without drawing it from scratch. But I just realize that you might not using the same version as me. You might not be able to open the dwg. But don’t worry, you still can use it!


AutoCAD 2010 is the first version of AutoCAD R.18. So if you use older version, you can’t open it.

Version vs Release

First, let’s take a look to DWG file version.

acad file version

You will see AutoCAD 2007, 2004, 2000, and R14. Where’s the rest of it? Where’s my 2009, 2008?

Well, after R14 Autodesk looks like want to change the application name. Not using release anymore, but using version. AutoCAD 2000, actually is the first version of R.15. That’s why you don’t see 2000i, 2002 (I can’t recall if there’s any 2001 and 2003, am I right?). They are using the same file format.

But in the next release, the file format changed again. It’s a 3 years cycle. 2004, 2005, and 2006 is the same file format, R. 16.

So if you use AutoCAD 2008, you know which version you should ‘save as’ to… right?

DWG TrueView

TrueView is a FREE (we all like free, aren’t we?) application you can download from Autodesk site. It’s actually a DWG viewer. You can open any DWG files with it. But you should know that you can use TrueView to save a file back to older version. To beauty of TrueView for me, you can batch convert all files in a folder.

If you have older version and can’t open a DWG, you can use TrueView to convert files you receive to your owned version. You just need to download it here: http://autodesk.com/dwg

So don’t worry if you don’t have new version of AutoCAD. You can convert all files here to your DWG version!


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  1. Angela Chu says

    I created a drawing file using AOTOCAD2011 MEP 3D and saved to 2010 version, but our client only has the AUTOCAD 2007, can I save the drawing back to 2007 version for their use?

  2. johary says

    im using this application to convert my autoCAD drawing from higher as 2013 version to lower,

    "AutoDWG DWG DXF Converter 2013"

  3. Rose says

    Hello Edwin,

    I have the VERY old version of AutoCad R14. But, my intern has ACAD 2012. How do I convert my intern's drawing to my version of ACAD?

  4. Terrry says

    Why when I create a drawing in 2000LT and then print in trueview do I get a boarder around it saying educational????

  5. archi.girl says

    i have autocad 2009 version on my computer..i need to open my 2009 version files on a computer in my college with autocad 2006 version..i can not download DWG viewer on my college computer so how can i open my files on my college compter??

  6. Mily Hostetler says

    I tried the DWG true viewer and actually works! I could open my 2011 file in a computer that has a 2009 auto cad.

    But what I could not do was modify or copy the drawings. They are just open as a image. I could not even apply layers or any of the properties created when i supposed to printed.

    Do you know is any way to convert the file and still use it and modified it.