AutoCAD 2012: option to start without opening file

Do you remember in the old days, we can show this startup dialog?

I like it because when I start AutoCAD, it doesn’t automatically open a new file. It let me choose to open an existing DWG or create a new one by choosing appropriate template.

Apparently in 2012, we have more options. I’m not aware about this until I read Dean Saadallah post in his blog here.

The STARTUP system variable is not only let us to choose open AutoCAD with a startup dialog box, but also let us to start it without opening anything. Now we have new value.

Snipped from the help file, now STARTUP system variable has these values:

0 Displays the Select Template dialog box, or uses a default drawing template file set in the Options dialog box, on the Files tab.
1 Starts without opening a drawing template file, and displays the Startup or the Create New Drawing dialog box.
2 Starts without opening a drawing template file. If available in the application a custom dialog box is displayed.

I’m aware that Revit now doesn’t open a new file when we start it. It shows a startup page. Probably this is something AutoCAD users will also love.

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  1. ACAD noob says

    It doesn't startup like the old days XD… I typed FILEDIA in the command prompt and typed 1 as value.. did I do somethin wrong?

  2. Seteve says

    I have just started using 2012 and just yesterday when I clicked the 'open' button, instead of opening the pop up file box, it gave me a prompt on the command line, 'enter file path'
    Can anyone help me to change this back.
    Even if I click on New, it does open the pop up selection box, just a prompt in the command line.