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We provides free contents to help our readers to be more productive. However, if you want to learn from basic or specific topic it will be better to learn from books. And if you want to take training class but don't have time, training video can provides similar experience at home.

Below you can find our recommendation for learning resources to learn using your CAD software.

AutoCAD Block Best Practices

This e-book covers everything about blocks. From basic to advanced features. Very useful for beginners and intermediate users. However, advanced users might can get some fresh information too.

*exercises in metric unit | Price: US$ 14.95

Document Management with AutoCAD Sheet Set

This 50+ pages e-book covers how to prepare, create and use your drawings using Sheet Set. You will learn to create page setup, title block, automatic view title, automatic sheet list, batch plot/publish… and more!

Price: US$ 12.50

Top 25 Productivity Tips Every AutoCAD User Should Know

Ellen Finkelstein has been teaching AutoCAD since 1989. And she shares her top productivity tips. Even if you are an experienced user, you still can learn new things from this e-book!

*Price: US$ 9.95

Top Customization Tips Every AutoCAD User Should Know

Another e-book by Ellen Finkelstein. In this e-book, she covers about AutoCAD customization. From simple macro to AutoLISP!

*Price: US$ 19.97

Beginner and Advanced Video Tutorial Online Training Videos

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Certified Graphic Cards for 3D Designs

These graphic cards are already tested and recommended for your 3D CAD software. They will give you better experience when working with complex models, become more productive!


Certified Workstation Computers

These workstations are also tested and recommended for your 3D CAD software. They will give you more power to work with complex models.

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