The Basic of Using AutoCAD Drawing Tools

This time we are going to learn how to use AutoCAD drawing tools. I will not describe how you can use every tools, but how to use AutoCAD drawing tools in general. My objective is you know how to learn AutoCAD by yourself. I can write how to use every AutoCAD tools, but don’t you think understanding it is better?


Using AutoCAD Drawing tools is simple

There’s nothing hard in using AutoCAD drawing tools. Let’s try this simple steps. You can see the screenshot below, click next/forward button to move to the next step.

  1. Click the tool you want to use on the ribbon. AutoCAD drawing tools is on home tab. Let’s start with line.
  2. You will see the dynamic input near your pointer. It will tell you what you need to do next. Most of drawing tools will ask you a point location. We will learn how to input the coordinate precisely later. Just click anywhere on your drawing area.
  3. Again, dynamic input will tell you what to do. Another point location. Click anywhere again. Pay attention that information in dynamic input is also shown in command line.
  4. AutoCAD is continue asking you for point location. Click again.
  5. When you finish drawing line segments, press [enter] to finish it. Many veteran AutoCAD users like to use [space] as an alternative.
  6. Now let’s try to draw a rectangle.
  7. Just like drawing lines, it will ask you for a point location. Click anywhere.
  8. And just like line tool, it will ask next point. But don’t click your mouse yet. Press down arrow on your keyboard, or click the small arrow next to ‘specify other corner point or
  9. This is how you can see options for creating rectangle. The most common way is defining 2 points, but you can also define it by using other methods. If you see in the command line, you can see the options too. You can use the option by typing the capital letters in available options.

In a Nut Shell

Using most AutoCAD drawing tools can be used the same way.

  1. Click the tool to activate it.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Change the options if necessary.
  4. Some tools will end after you define points, like rectangle and circle. Some other tools require you to end it manually, press [Enter] to do it.

It’s very simple isn’t it?

Now, try to use the other drawing tools. Don’t worry about the size for now. We will learn how to input points precisely later.

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  1. Abdulrahman Ibrahim Iyayi says

    Am unexperienced person on using auto card , pls how can I understand the basic concepts of using the software.

  2. Pema says

    Earlier I could perform Multiple delete or move objects without pressing Shift, but now I cant.What should I do to go back to earlier settings, have tried searching in Autocad help but it was not helpful.