Faking a Door With Material Texture


Imagine this: you are an interior designer, and one day your client show you a brochure or a catalog. “I want my front door like this. Can you put it in your model and render it for me? And make the rendered model nice.” What do you think if your client want a door like […]

Creating Your Own AutoCAD Rendering Materials


We have discussed how we can apply AutoCAD rendering materials from available Autodesk library. The next problem is, what if what we want doesn’t exist in the library? We have to create our own! But don’t worry. It is not that difficult. It does need several trials and errors, and rendering it. The nice thing […]

Using Autodesk Material Library in AutoCAD


In this article, we are going to attach materials to our model. We are going to skip the artificial lighting and save it for later. However, we already have sunlight for now and it’s enough to create a photorealistic rendering. You probably now can’t wait to see how your model looks like when we render […]