Some viewports turn off when reach certain numbers of viewports

Have you encounter this problem before? You have several viewports, and some viewports are just not showing the drawings. When you tried to turn it off, then back on, other viewport will have this problem.

disappearing viewports drawing

I don’t think this is a common problem. But I saw two people ask on the same day, the same problem on CAD Tutor Forum. So I want to share it with you here, just in case you have the problem in the future.

This behavior might be because you set MAXACTVP system variable too low. If you have MAXACTVP set to 8, then when you create the 9th viewport, one of existing viewport will turned off.

According to help file, MAXACTVP variable controls:

Sets the maximum number of viewports that can be active at one time in a layout.

Initial value for this variable is 64, which is the maximum value allowed. I don’t think we ever need to create more than 64 viewports in a layout, so is most situation, this value is acceptable. This value set for each drawing. So if you have this problem, more likely because you receive a DWG file and the value is set low for that file.

Note: This will not affect the drawing when you plot the sheet. All drawing will be plotted properly.

I’m not sure if this value was changed because a LISP program or intentionally changed by the user. Probably because performance issue? Have you ever change this system variable? Why did you do that?

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  1. Stephe says

    OMG! You just solved my problem. Hours of frustration have been erased from my memory with this post. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  2. Edwin C. says

    How were you able to work around the "maxactvp" capped at 64 issue. I'm currently working on wall sections and would greatly like to be able to see my 84 desired viewports.


  3. Marco says

    THANKS!!! You are the best!… I was frustrated for months without an answer to this issue, mi initial value was sadly 2

  4. Ross says

    I have the problem that even though I changed teh setting to 64, there are still some drawings not showing in their viewports but the dimensioning and other overlays in paper space show. Just the stuff from model space doesn't show.

  5. winko says

    Hi Edwin,

    In some Complicated drawings from others which have already viewports, I add the new viewport with some scale and lock it. When I go into the viewport and unlock it or select the viewport and unlock it, the scale change automatically to scale to fit. I don't know why?

  6. Drareg Wilkinson says

    "I don’t think we ever need to create more than 64 viewports in a layout, so is most situation, this value is acceptable"

    I smiled when saw that…..

    ATM we're working with 105 viewports in one layout….