Revit Articles

Revit Architecture Tutorial: Create residential building from scratch

  1. Introduction to Revit Architecture
  2. Revit Architecture User Interface
  3. Understanding Views and View Navigation
  4. Defining Levels
  5. Placing Exterior Walls
  6. Finishing Your Walls
  7. Placing Doors and Windows
  8. Understanding Wall Structure
  9. Creating Your Own Wall Type
  10. Creating Floors
  11. Creating Roof
  12. Creating Roof Edges Profile
  13. Creating Staircase
  14. Creating Railings
  15. Creating Ceiling in Revit Model
  16. Creating Floor Edge Slab and Custom Component
  17. Introduction to Revit Components
  18. Revit Annotations: Dimension
  19. Working with Door and Window Tags
  20. Defining Room and Room Legend
  21. Creating Schedule from Revit Model
  22. Placing Views to Sheet
  23. Vertical Compound Wall
  24. E-book: Revit Architecture 2010: Your First Residential Design
  25. Placing Curtain Wall
  26. Placing Wall and Material Tag
  27. Managing Design Option in Revit
  28. Using Design Phase in Your Revit Project
  29. Design Collaboration in Revit: Preparing Worksets
  30. Using shared parameters for Revit schedule
  31. Using Custom Label in Revit Sheets
  32. Revit Architecture 2012 training video has been released
  33. Creating Parts in Revit Architecture 2012
  34. Applying material, scheduling and tagging Revit parts
  35. Autodesk learning materials, get them for free!

Revit Conceptual Design

This tutorial series cover how to create a conceptual mass until using adaptive components.

  1. Introduction to Conceptual Design in Revit Architecture
  2. Free Form Modeling: Working with Sub Objects
  3. Modifying Revit Mass in X-Ray Mode
  4. Using Revit Mass Floor
  5. Creating Revit Elements by Face
  6. Using Revit Adaptive Component for 2D Profile
  7. Revit Conceptual Design: Working with surface pattern
  8. 4 free Revit related applications you can try on Autodesk labs

Revit Architecture Family: tutorial series

This tutorial series discussing how you can learn to create your own Revit family. From the very basic family such as profile, to complex family. You can submit your inquiry to be discussed in this series!

  1. Creating Revit Family from 2D Drawings
  2. Creating Profile Family
  3. Creating Profile Parameters
  4. Creating a Simple Table Family
  5. Adding Parameters to Revit 3D Family
  6. Using Reference Plane in 3D Revit Families
  7. Creating Railing Definition
  8. Defining Material Parameters as Instance Properties
  9. Saving Families From a Project
  10. Creating Revit Family: Door
  11. Adding More Void and Solid Forms
  12. Revit Family Exercise: Creating Brick Soldiers
  13. Creating Line Based Cabinet
  14. Creating Vinyl Siding Wall
  15. Creating Your Own Revit Families
  16. Creating Title Block From AutoCAD Sheet
  17. Creating Realistic Light Bulb in Revit Architecture
  18. Autodesk Seek: get real world BIM models for free!

Revit Architecture tips

  1. Add Pattern to Roof
  2. How to: Copy Objects to Different Level
  3. Defining Your Typical Design as Group
  4. How to: Use Additional RPC in Revit
  5. Ribbon Shortcut Key on Autodesk Products
  6. Using Info Center to Notify RSS Update
  7. Create Revit Levels using Array
  8. Playing With Revit Camera
  9. Creating Custom Schedule Field
  10. Rendering Your Model
  11. Where is the Revit Shortcut List?
  12. Revit Sketching Tricks – Closed Polygon
  13. Revit Repeating Detail: Siding Wall
  14. Splitting Revit Views
  15. Rotating Revit Views
  16. How to: Set Local Help File as Default in 2011 Version
  17. Revit Section Line Disappear in Large Scales
  18. Cycling Through Revit Shortcuts
  19. Creating Complex Roof in Revit
  20. Creating Realistic Light Bulb in Revit Architecture
  21. Using Revit View Templates
  22. Controlling Revit Viewport Title
  23. Changing Revit View Title Appearance
  24. Revit Schedule: Using conditional IF in custom field
  25. Autodesk Seek: get real world BIM models for free!
  26. Up and Ready: Boldly install, configure, & deploy Autodesk software
  27. How to: refer several sections to same section view
  28. Revit TIP: Draworder for linked files
  29. How to Speed up AutoCAD: optimize your computer (part 1)
  30. How to pass Autodesk Professional certification
  31. How to add more locations in file dialog box
  32. How to copy Revit project settings to other projects

Other Revit articles

  1. Is Revit 2013 supported on Windows 8?
  2. Revit 2014 enhancements are available
  3. Controlling plot thickness in Revit
  4. How to show specific design options to Revit views
  5. I can’t modify Revit Visibility/Graphics!
  6. More 2014 training video is available
  7. Revit basic tip: Selecting objects
  8. Activation problem for Autodesk 2014 products
  9. How to get support for your CAD software
  10. How to: Organize your Revit project browser
  11. More Infinite Skills training video are released
  12. How to uninstall updates or service packs
  13. Autodesk 360 rendering contest
  14. Revit extensions: Must have tools for Revit productivity
  15. Christmas presents: gifts for the geeks
  16. How to fade far objects in Revit elevation view
  17. Sharing files and designs with Autodesk 360
  18. How to change object line pattern in Revit
  19. Revit 2015: Graphic display options
  20. Revit 2015: general enhancements
  21. Revit 2015: show hidden lines and revision enhancements
  22. The serial number you entered is not valid
  23. Autodesk 360 Tech Preview is now available
  24. CADnotes 5th annual giveaway is on!
  25. CADnotes giveaway 2014 winners
  26. 3 Things Orient to View in Revit can do for you
  27. Working with Revit temporary dimension