New Autodesk certified hardware list

I posted how you can find Autodesk certified hardware. Apparently they now launched a new site after officially launched 2012 product lines. Don’t be intimidated. The new site doesn’t mean that the new products have much higher requirements.

The reason why they launch the new site is to let you choose a certified hardware for multiple products. In the old website, you have to open Revit certified hardware website for Revit, then check certified hardware for Inventor, etc. Now you can check all the products’ requirement in one page.

I believe the reason they do this because their aggressive move launching Autodesk suites. You can get dozens of software in one suite. Doesn’t make sense if you have to open a dozen link to check if the hardware certified for each software.

See the new certified hardware page here:

If you want to see more explanation about the new page (how you can use it to search your hardware) find it in Without a Net blog.

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