How to find and replace text in AutoCAD

I had a question last week, asking if there is any AutoLISP program to find a specific text and replace it with another text. I decided to answer the question by publishing this article, instead of replying the email. So more people can read the answer.

You don’t need AutoLISP to do that. If you go to annotate tab, in text panel, you can find a small search box. That’s probably why it’s not so easy to find.


We just need to type the word or phrase we want to find, then press enter.

You will see AutoCAD open search dialog box. AutoCAD will also zoom to first text it find.

Tips: you can open ‘find and replace dialog box’ by typing FIND [enter] in command line

find and replace

Type what text you want to replace with then click replace. You can limit your searches to current space (model or layout), selected objects, or entire drawing.

More find options

Click more options button to expand the find dialog box. You can refine your search further by using these options.

advanced options

Yes, it can find text in blocks or xref too. But it can’t find value in fields. I think it will be great to find values in field to, because sometimes we need to review fields values.

For additional information, we also have spell checker in AutoCAD.

check spelling

It works almost the same with find and replace text, only here, we compare it to AutoCAD dictionary.

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  1. Thomas says

    I need to find text and then add a revision cloud where that next is. Do you know of a way to not have to exit and restart the find and replace tool each time to edit the drawing?