AutoCAD File Dialog Box is Missing

Have you ever lost your AutoCAD open dialog box? When you save or open a drawing, you don’t get the file dialog box, only this question at dynamic input or command line:

save as at command line

I had this question several times. I never experience this, but it looks like this is a common issue. I found many similar thread in some AutoCAD forum. This thread is an example.

When AutoCAD ask us to open a file, either DWG file or other file type, we should see dialog box similar to this.

Open file dialog box

Instead of having a dialog box opened, you may see this message in command line and in dynamic input.

Enter name of drawing to open <.>: plan.dwg

Some of them said that the dialog box is missing after their computer hang or freeze. I suspect they were running some LISP or program when it happened. Or cancel poorly written LISP without error trapping.

Somehow, an AutoCAD system variable has changed. To restore it is easy.

Type FILEDIA then [enter].
Enter 1 as new value, then [enter].
You should be able to see you file dialog box now.
The safest thing to do is backup your system variable to prevent similar problem. See how you can backup and restore your system variable here.
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