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People has different preferences to learn. Not everyone is reading/writing-preference learner. Some are visual learners, they have to see to quickly understand it. The others are auditory learners. You have to hear it to learn. And some are kinesthetic learners. You have to do it to quickly understand.

That is why attending training classes is the best option to learn. You will get the printed material to read, you can hear the instructor explaining, and you can see the instructor doing the demonstration.

Unfortunately, we often don’t have time to attend a class. Or we can’t find a good training class near us. These training videos by Infinite Skills are great alternatives for you who can attend training classes. Either you’re very busy, or you can’t find good training near you. It doesn’t have printed material and you need to do exercise by your own. But it certainly great for visual and auditory learners. The videos are created by experts in their fields. If you’re not sure yet, you can see sample videos before you decided to purchase it on their sales page. Go ahead, see the samples and see if you can use it. If you can’t go to a training class, bring the class to you!

training video

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CAD Training video available

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2014 training video

  1. Learning AutoCAD 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  2. Learning AutoCAD LT 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  3. Advanced AutoCAD 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  4. AutoCAD 2014 training bundle (essential and advanced). Price: US$ 149.95
  5. Learning AutoCAD 3D. Price: US$ 99.95
  6. AutoCAD Blocks and Dynamic Blocks. Price: US$ 24.95.
  7. AutoCAD Plotting and Publishing. Price: US$ 24.95.
  8. AutoCAD Sheet Set. Price: US$ 49.95.

Revit Architecture 2014 training video

  1. Learning Revit Architecture 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  2. Advanced Revit Architecture 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  3. Revit Architecture 2014 training bundle. Price: US$ 149.95

Revit MEP 2014 Training Video

Learning Revit MEP 2014. Price: US$ 99.95

Revit Structure 2014 Training Video

  1. Learning Revit Structure 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  2. Advanced Revit Structure 2014. Price: US$ 99.95
  3. Revit Structure 2014 training bundle. Price: US$ 149.95

Revit Families

Learning Revit Families. Price: US$ 99.95

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

Learning AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014. Price US$ 99.95.

3DS Max 2014 training video

Learning 3DS Max 2014. Price: US$ 99.95

Bentley MicroStation Training Video

  1. Learning Bentley MicroStation V8i. Price: US$ 99.95
  2. Learning Bentley MicroStation V8i Level 2. Price: US$ 99.95
  3. Bentley MicroStation training bundle (essential and advanced). Price: US$ 149.95

SolidWorks Training Video

  1. Learning SolidWorks 2013. Price: US$ 99.95
  2. Advanced SolidWorks 2013. Price: US$ 99.95
  3. SolidWorks 2013 training bundle. Price: US$ 149.95
  4. More advanced SolidWorks training video can be found here.

AutoCAD Electrical 2014

Learning AutoCAD Electrical 2014. Price US$ 99.95.

Looking for more titile?

You can find all Autodesk software training video in this page. Or you might want to try finding training video for other software you use in Infinite Skills website.