Disabling F1 Key

Esc key is the most favorite key for AutoCAD users. I’ve seen how an AutoCAD user can press that key hundreds of times from 9-5. The most complaints from them is that they often accidentally press F1 key, because they are placed next together. Loading help file when we don’t need it is painful. Especially if we have slow internet connection, and AutoCAD loads online help. So they want to disable F1 key.

There are many ways people do to prevent it. A solution that quickly catch my eyes is this solution by Skipp Millet, published in Cadalyst here.

Update: looks like the image link is broken, but this solution below is just as funny ;)

Disable F1 with paperclip

Image by: Joe Perkins

You may laugh when you see the picture, but sometimes it is that annoying, and many people get frustrated.

A good alternative to do it is published by Almas Suljevic. See how you can disable F1 key in AutoCAD here. You can assign F1 key to other function by modifying your CUI file.

It works great for AutoCAD. However, you may want to disable it for all applications. Using paper clip will do, but it can’t be used for any kind of keyboard. I won’t do that to my laptop!

I stumbled to this small program that can disable or remap your keyboard keys. Try KeyTweak here*. You can assign F1 key to something else, and use other key to load help. I still need to use help file, so mapping help to other key is a good solution for me.

The good thing about this key mapping tool is it’s easy to use. I can assign the key to other key without loosing the function. And it works for all applications in my Windows! If you use Revit or MicroStation, what key you would like to remap? Either to prevent to press it accidentally or move it so can be access easily?

*KeyTweak link is temporarily removed. Malware is currently detected on that site. We will link to the download page as soon as malware is cleaned up.

Happy mapping!

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