Creating Sketch From Your AutoCAD Drawing

autocad sketchImages on the left looks like hand-drawn sketch (you might have to click on the image to see the larger image). It’s actually an AutoCAD drawing, with a little tweak on visual styles. This is from a sample file included in AutoCAD 2009 installation.

AutoCAD has this capabilities since AutoCAD 2007., when Autodesk made major changes on AutoCAD 3D modeling. Let’s see how we can do this!


Open your visual styles manager palettes. Create a new visual styles (you don’t want to mess your existing visual styles!). Give an appropriate name for it. Apply this visual style to your viewport.

Now on the edge modifiers group, activate overhanging edge and jitter edge. Tweak the overhang value and jitter if necessary.

Visual Styles Manager

You should see the effect immediately! You can apply this to any existing visual styles, except for 2D wireframe. You can also plot this effect to your plotter!

sketch - plan

3d sketch

Don’t cheat if your lecturer told you to sketch your design!


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  1. says

    Hello, Im trying to use this effect, I have selected it in model space but when I go into paper space the effect disappears. Could you advise me how I can ensure that this effect is plotted, thanks

  2. Ron says

    Plotting using my regular plot styles (all black) still creates a color drawing. Changing my printer (Adobe pdf) also does not help at all. Perhaps they will come out with a patch for 2013, creating the sketch is easy, I do wish there were more options though. 

  3. Niels says

    hello. im having problems plotting my new "sketch style" in black and white. my printer is set for black and white, but when i try to plot through the visual style manager the print comes out in the colour layers.
    it must be a simple adjustment somewhere ?
    please help.