Creating Custom Schedule Field

You have created door schedule before. Remember that now we have the ‘total cost’ column next to the count column? Sometimes we do want people who read this schedule know how much each unit costs. Not just the total. How can we show the unit cost and total cost together?

Right click in your schedule view, click view properties from context menu. This is where you can add a field to your schedule.
But there is no more cost field! Yes, you can only use one default field at a time. We have used it before, and we can’t use it again.

Adding Custom Field

We can add custom field. This time we will use calculated value. Click the button in this dialog.
add calculated value
Give this calculated value name: ‘unit cost’. Change the type to currency. Then the formula to Cost. The formula is case sensitive.
calculated value properties
Cost is a default field name that showing your family cost. Basically what we did is using the cost value in this custom field. The exact same value. You can create a formula using several fields. But we don’t need it now. Click OK.

Defining Field Formatting

Now open your Formatting tab. Click the cost field. Change the heading to ‘Total Cost’ and make sure the ‘calculate totals’ is checked.
total cost formatting
Then select the ‘Unit Cost’ field, and make sure the ‘calculate totals’ check box is not active.
So now we have two cost fields: one will calculate the total cost, and the other will show the unit cost. Click OK and review your schedule.
final schedule
I would like to know if you need or using other custom field. How do you define it?

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