AutoCAD Articles

AutoCAD tutorial series: for beginners guide

This is a AutoCAD tutorial series for beginners. We are discussing the concept, so it will not be a step-by-step tutorial. However, this might be useful especially if you learn by yourself.

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD: the Interface
  2. The Basic of Using AutoCAD Drawing Tools
  3. Using AutoCAD Navigation Tools
  4. Using Template and Setting Your Unit
  5. AutoCAD Precise Input: Specifying Point Coordinate
  6. AutoCAD Precise Input: Drafting Tools
  7. Exercise: Coordinate Input and Drafting Tools
  8. Modifying AutoCAD Drawing Objects
  9. Controlling UCS for Angled Drawing and Local Coordinates

AutoCAD What’s New: New key features in AutoCAD

If you want to catchup with new key features in AutoCAD, find them here. Very useful if you are already familiar with AutoCAD, and want to update your knowledge.

  1. What’s new in AutoCAD: the Interface
  2. What’s new in AutoCAD: drawing and drafting tools
  3. What’s new in AutoCAD: Annotations
  4. What’s new in AutoCAD: Block and References
  5. What’s new in AutoCAD 2013: Interface
  6. What’s new in AutoCAD 2013: Object modification
  7. What’s new in AutoCAD 2013: Working with files
  8. What’s new in AutoCAD 2013: Autodesk 360 integration
  9. What’s new in AutoCAD 2013: Create section and detail views
  10. What’s new in AutoCAD 2013: New features roundup
  11. What’s new in AutoCAD: a veteran guide
  12. What’s New in AutoCAD 2014: The Interface (1)
  13. What’s new in AutoCAD 2014: System Enhancements
  14. What’s new in AutoCAD 2014: Drawing and annotation enhancements

Other AutoCAD Tutorials

More AutoCAD tutorials. Here you will learn how to use some key features in AutoCAD.

  1. Dynamic Block Tutorial #1: Creating Wall
  2. Dynamic Block Tutorial #2: Creating Column
  3. Dynamic Block Tutorial #3: Door
  4. Dynamic Block Tutorial #4: Adding More Actions
  5. Creating Your Own AutoCAD Palette
  6. Preparing Your AutoCAD Template
  7. Maintaining Your CAD Standard
  8. Summary: The Magic of Defining Your Own Workflow
  9. Creating Schedule from Your AutoCAD Drawing
  10. Introduction to Annotation Scale
  11. Controlling Annotation Scale Further
  12. Dynamic Block Tutorial #5: Controlling Visibility
  13. Understanding Geometric Constraint
  14. Understanding Dimensional Constraint
  15. Using Parametric Features in Dynamic Block
  16. Introduction to AutoCAD: the Interface
  17. The Basic of Using AutoCAD Drawing Tools
  18. Using AutoCAD Navigation Tools
  19. Using Template and Setting Your Unit
  20. AutoCAD Precise Input: Specifying Point Coordinate
  21. AutoCAD Precise Input: Drafting Tools
  22. Exercise: Coordinate Input and Drafting Tools
  23. Modifying AutoCAD Drawing Objects
  24. Controlling UCS for Angled Drawing and Local Coordinates
  25. Using named plot style table: less style to manage
  26. How to: export custom rendering materials
  27. Do you know how to use snap parallel?
  28. Book review: AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2012 Bible
  29. linking Excel external data to AutoCAD data extraction
  30. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Sheet Set video
  31. Exploring AutoCAD CUI: introduction (1)
  32. Exploring AutoCAD CUI: Creating a command in tab (part 2)
  33. Exploring AutoCAD CUI: working with ribbon (part 3)
  34. Exploring AutoCAD CUI: Working with toolbar and menu (part 4)
  35. How to Automate AutoCAD with command Macros
  36. Exploring AutoCAD CUI: 5 more things you can do with CUI (part 5)
  37. AutoCAD customization: 5 articles to learn about CUI
  38. How to: add custom pattern to AutoCAD
  39. Autodesk learning materials, get them for free!
  40. Autodesk Official Training Guides: recommended books for learning
  41. Training video: having personal instructor anytime, anywhere
  42. 3 ways to move AutoCAD objects to other layer
  43. 4 ways to modify block definition
  44. AutoCAD dynamic block tutorial series
  45. More AutoCAD specific skills training video
  46. How to extract block attributes in AutoCAD LT
  47. How to password protect your AutoCAD drawing

AutoCAD troubleshoot: From using AutoCAD to Installation

Have problem with AutoCAD? I logged some issues that I found here. See if these troubleshooting can help you.

  1. When AutoCAD is not Accurate
  2. AutoCAD File Dialog Box is Missing
  3. Why I can’t Use Formula in xls Created by Data Extraction?
  4. What is AutoCAD Defpoints Layer for?
  5. What Caused Fatal Error Messages in AutoCAD?
  6. When It’s Freeze, It’s Not Always AutoCAD Fault!
  7. AutoCAD Performs Incorrect Calculation
  8. Troubleshoot: Block Attributes Won’t stretched
  9. AutoCAD Plotting Problem
  10. AutoCAD Installation Troubleshoot
  11. AutoCAD Accuracy Issue: How Do You Deal With It?
  12. AutoCAD dimensions are Missing in Other Viewport: How to Fix It?
  13. I can’t select objects then press del in AutoCAD!
  14. How to install express tools after AutoCAD is installed
  15. Some viewports turn off when reach certain numbers of viewports
  16. Up and Ready: Boldly install, configure, & deploy Autodesk software
  17. Working with shared contents: eliminating slow network performance
  18. Is your computer free from AutoCAD/Medre.A Malware?
  19. How to: disable graphic card hardware acceleration
  20. Why reinstalling won’t fix your AutoCAD problem
  21. Troubleshoot: AutoCAD hangs on start
  22. Unable to Install AutoCAD because it’s already installed
  23. How to add AutoCAD DWG to PDF plotter
  24. How to install AutoCAD 2014 without Autodesk 360
  25. My dimensions show incorrect value in viewport layout!
  26. Layer states are not saved in an AutoCAD session
  27. How to set default program to open DWG file
  28. How to uninstall updates or service packs
  29. AutoCAD properties palette doesn’t show objects properties
  30. Why AutoCAD activates wrong command when using command line

AutoCAD Tips: Some productivity tips from CAD Notes

Learn to use AutoCAD is easy. But become productive in using AutoCAD is another thing. See some tips here to increase your productivity.

  1. Creating Your Own AutoCAD Line Type
  2. Quickly create palettes from block libraries
  3. 6 SHIFT Key Combination You Might Not Know
  4. AutoCAD Startup Dialog Box
  5. AutoCAD Match Properties Settings
  6. AutoCAD Layer Walk
  7. 4 Reasons to Love AutoCAD Dynamic Input
  8. Pack Your Files With eTransmit
  9. Optimize Your Palette Placement
  10. 10 Features to Boost Your AutoCAD Productivity
  11. Create a Report Table with Data Extraction
  12. Enable Object Snap to Hatch
  13. AutoCAD Solid History
  14. Creating Angular Dimension Larger than 180 deg
  15. Use BURST for block with attributes instead of Explode!
  16. How to: Cycle AutoCAD commands
  17. 10+ Ways to Use AutoCAD Object Selection
  18. How to: Set a previous file version as default
  19. Why I can’t Use Formula in xls Created by Data Extraction?
  20. A Simple Guide: 12 steps to Master AutoCAD
  21. Using DWF and PDF as Underlay
  22. How to: Get Hi Res Image from AutoCAD?
  23. Creating Sketch From Your AutoCAD Drawing
  24. Set All Your Objects Properties Back to ByLayer
  25. What are AutoCAD Layer 0, ByLayer and ByBlock?
  26. How to: Modify Objects With Non-Uniform Scale
  27. Creating New Command in AutoCAD
  28. Adding Command to Your Right Click
  29. Block vs XREF
  30. Where Can I See AutoCAD Command Alias List?
  31. 5 Steps Preparing Your AutoCAD Plot
  32. Ribbon Shortcut Key on Autodesk Products
  33. How to: See Your Complete AutoCAD System Variable List
  34. Using Info Center to Notify RSS Update
  35. Isometric Drawing in AutoCAD
  36. AutoCAD Isometric Text and Dimension
  37. Isometric Dimension Arrow
  38. Cool way to Open Your Drawing: Drag n Drop!
  39. Creating Different Drawing Representation
  40. SubObject Selection Filter
  41. AutoCAD 2010 Sticky Ribbon Panels
  42. DWG TrueView: Open and Save to Any Version of DWG
  43. 10 AutoCAD Layer Tools (You Might) Forgotten
  44. How to: Reference Objects to File/URL in AutoCAD
  45. AutoCAD Quick Select
  46. 10 AutoCAD Ribbon Tips You Should Know
  47. How to: Label Coordinate in AutoCAD
  48. Maximize Your Screen and Speed Up with Ribbon Shortcut
  49. Using AutoCAD Filter
  50. AutoCAD Contextual Ribbon Tab
  51. Using Lookup Table in Dynamic Block
  52. Reporting Multiple Coordinates in A Block using Attribute Extraction
  53. Dynamic Block Action vs Dynamic Block Parameters
  54. Selecting Object Like in Windows Explorer
  55. Shaan Hurley’s Best of AutoCAD 2007 to AutoCAD 2010
  56. Autodesk Project Butterfly
  57. Troubleshoot: Block Attributes Won’t stretched
  58. Can I Render Wireframe Image from AutoCAD?
  59. 25 Readers Most Favorite AutoCAD Tips
  60. Community Command for AutoCAD
  61. AutoCAD Tips Updates
  62. How to: Set Local Help File as Default in 2011 Version
  63. How to: Draw an Arc with a Specific Arc Length?
  64. Using XREF: Attachment vs Overlay
  65. Controlling Linetype Scale is as Easy as 1,2,3!
  66. Enforcing Dimension Styles Across Your Drawings
  67. The Best, the Rest, the Rare: 100 AutoCAD Tips You Should Know
  68. Saved Views: Quickly switch between view configuration
  69. Backup and Restore AutoCAD System Variables
  70. How do You Secure Your Design Files?
  71. Using Multiple Hyperlinks with Block Attributes
  72. How to: Keep Attributes at Dynamic Block Center
  73. How to: Select All Horizontal or Vertical Lines in a Drawing
  74. 4 Viewport Tips: Configurations, Irregular, Clip, and Scale
  75. Need Batch Plot Your AutoCAD Drawings to Several Plotters at Once?
  76. How to: Hide some parts of blocks
  77. Quick and Dirty Tip: Resolving AutoCAD XREF Path
  78. Preventing AutoCAD Ribbon Panels to Collapse
  79. Using AutoCAD Action Recorder to View Specific Area Quickly
  80. Simplify AutoCAD Layer Manager List with Layer Filter
  81. How to Convert AutoCAD Drawing Units from One to Another?
  82. Hide Unnecessary AutoCAD Dimension Input Fields
  83. Using AutoLISP Program to label point coordinate
  84. Labeling Coordinate with Easting and Northing in AutoCAD
  85. Showing Common AutoCAD Information in Title Block
  86. How Can We Protect AutoCAD Tool Palettes?
  87. Masking with AutoCAD Hatch
  88. Annotative Block Can’t be Dragged Because of Alignment Parameter
  89. AutoCAD Forgotten Tool: Pan by Points
  90. Disabling F1 Key
  91. Find mid point between two points in AutoCAD
  92. How to: remove hatch contextual tab ribbon
  93. Control blipmode in AutoCAD 2012
  94. AutoCAD tip: remove alternate unit bracket in dimension
  95. How to: add action recorder macro to tool palettes
  96. How to use the AutoCAD status line to provide real time reporting
  97. Insert block without being asked to input value
  98. Do you know that you can plot using TrueView?
  99. Enable block attribute dialog during insertion
  100. Autodesk Seek: get real world BIM models for free!
  101. Disable shift+mid button as transparent orbit
  102. AutoCAD tip: Turning off multifunctional grips
  103. How to: embed image to AutoCAD drawing
  104. AutoCAD tip: Text Alignment Technique
  105. AutoCAD tip: exaggerating drawing scale
  106. AutoCAD 2012: Legacy Snap to Grid
  107. AutoCAD tip: Working with different measurement unit
  108. Brians Tip: Why should we use template?
  109. How to: Publish AutoCAD layouts to multiple pdf file with single sheet
  110. AutoCAD tips: quickly switching between drawings
  111. How to load AutoLISP program
  112. Plugins to switch between AutoCAD drawings quickly
  113. How to find and replace text in AutoCAD
  114. AutoCAD tip: renumber text automatically
  115. When Rotating objects, use NEWS
  116. Using AutoCAD UNDO: It’s more than just one step back
  117. Working with shared contents: eliminating slow network performance
  118. AutoCAD Block Can’t be Inserted Using Non-uniform Scale
  119. Command line only express tools: Have you used them?
  120. Eleven Killer Tool palette Macros for working with AutoCAD Viewports
  121. The killer tool palette macros, download it here!
  122. Set default system variables in acaddoc.lsp
  123. 3 Construction or Reference Objects We Rarely Use
  124. How to: trim and copy objects within a boundary
  125. AutoCAD tip: rotate multiple texts at once to readable orientation
  126. What will went wrong if I use imperial template for my metric drawing?
  127. Learn how to write command scripts for AutoCAD and automate your plotting
  128. How to Automate AutoCAD with command Macros
  129. Load AutoCAD with defined profile and template
  130. Another AutoCAD accuracy issue problem
  131. Using multiple layer states in multiple layouts
  132. AutoCAD 2013: how to choose which customization to sync
  133. How to show AutoCAD hidden messages back?
  134. How to add AutoCAD layer information in PDF file?
  135. Keep AutoCAD block layer after exploding
  136. How to: Explode block to other layer
  137. Having problem viewing layer manager palette?
  138. So you want to apply different rendering materials to different faces?
  139. How to: render sunlight in Autodesk cloud rendering
  140. How to: convert dynamic block to regular block
  141. Why reinstalling won’t fix your AutoCAD problem
  142. Do you need to see detailed DWG properties in Windows Explorer?
  143. CadTempo: Automatic time tracking tools for CAD users
  144. Adding AIA standard layers with LISP
  145. Search command in AutoCAD application menu
  146. How to: add more fonts for AutoCAD
  147. How to: Change referenced file layer properties in master file
  148. 5 benefits of using AutoCAD saved views
  149. Disable ghost/dimmed annotation during annotation scaling selection
  150. How to: fix my AutoCAD drawing to correct drawing unit
  151. How to Speed up AutoCAD: optimize your computer (part 1)
  152. How to speed Up AutoCAD: configuring AutoCAD (part 2)
  153. How to: create DWF/PDF automatically when you save AutoCAD drawing
  154. How to: Transfer AutoCAD settings to different computer
  155. AutoCAD how to: search objects within drawings
  156. How to pass Autodesk Professional certification
  157. AutoCAD Tip: Your template doesn’t have to be complicated
  158. Why my AutoCAD objects are shown as boxes?
  159. How to save AutoCAD DWT template to lower version
  160. Convert AutoCAD units using -DWGUNITS
  161. Can you Purge, Audit, and Overkill with one click?
  162. How to: Edit block attributes in Microsoft Excel
  163. Do I have options to control OFFSET result?
  164. How to edit palette properties using text editor
  165. Open AutoCAD drawings as read only using right click from Explorer
  166. How to: change plotter when publishing with AutoCAD
  167. How to create PDF from AutoCAD drawings
  168. Working faster with AutoCAD hatch
  169. How to add more locations in file dialog box
  170. AutoCAD Select Similar mode
  171. How to: Create polygon in isometric drawing
  172. These are what you can do to make your AutoCAD files smaller
  173. Automatic AutoCAD dimension spacing using double click action
  174. AutoCAD macros allows you to do these easily
  175. AutoLISP: Add length annotations to objects
  176. How to convert to DWG R14 with TrueView
  177. How to quickly align multiple dimensions
  178. Optimizing your way of Drawing
  179. 10 AutoCAD temporary override keys
  180. How to create classic workspace in AutoCAD