Christmas presents: gifts for the geeks

You are probably already thinking what gifts to get for Christmas present. It’s already December, and time flies so fast. If you haven’t decided yet, then you might want to consider giving these learning resources as Christmas present.


Autodesk Official Press

Official Stamp

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Autodesk Official Press formerly knows as Autodesk Official Training Guides. These are books that certified by Autodesk for self-learning or as guide in training classes. There are many titles available with different skill levels. As these titles are approved by Autodesk, these books are great resources.

Remember that ‘mastering’ series is for they who already familiar with the software and need to improve their skills further. If they don’t know the software yet, you might want to consider ‘no experience required’ or ‘essential’ series.

You can check all Autodesk Official Press titles here: Autodesk Official Press.

Infinite Skills Training Video

Computer Training

Infinite Skills has released many training videos, not limited to CAD software. Some instructors in this video are also the author of Autodesk Official Press. In short, the instructors are professional experts in their industry.

The nice thing about training video is it’s great for visual and auditory learners.

You can check all CAD training videos here: CAD and BIM training videos.

If you are interested to find other topic, like database, Operating System (Windows, Mac, Server) you can check all categories here: Training video categories.

Order early

Physical media and books will require some times to arrive. So order soon. From my experience, Ordering the Official Press can take less than a week, but can be more because of customs delay. You will not want to have your order come late!

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