Creating Realistic Light Bulb in Revit Architecture


If you have rendered your model with artificial lights in Revit, you probably have seen that the result can be ‘not so realistic’. We don’t see the light bulbs glowing. We can see the lights, but it looks all wrong… where is the light came from? To create a ‘glowing’ light bulb, you need to […]

Creating Vinyl Siding Wall

We have discussed how we can define wall structure horizontally. Now the problem is, how can we define the structure vertically? We have discussed how we can add reveals and sweeps to do this. In this article, let us discuss how we can create a vinyl siding wall as example. The common way (and probably […]

Revit Family Exercise: Creating Brick Soldiers

Before we continue our Revit family tutorial, we are going to do a little exercise, creating window with sill, keystone, and tilt soldiers. To make this different with the previous tutorial, we are going to create an arc form for the top of this window. Modifying The Window Opening Create a new Revit family. Use […]

Adding More Void and Solid Forms

We have done with creating door basic. We add the main panel and symbolic lines. In this tutorial, we will add more forms: void and solid. As I always said, creating Revit family is just a repetitive process. More complex your object is, more repetition you will do. Not more difficult,but certainly more work! Open […]