Autodesk Exchange Apps Store is now available as website

Autodesk has introduced Autodesk Exchange app store in AutoCAD 2012. It was very limited. You only can access it from within AutoCAD Exchange page in AutoCAD.

When Autodesk released 2013 products, they introduce web version of AutoCAD Exchange Apps store. So every body can access it, even if they don’t have AutoCAD on their machine. It gives access to purchasing department to make the purchase. Unfortunately, still only PayPal payment is available.

To make the purchase or download free/trial app, you must have Autodesk ID. If you haven’t got an ID, you can make it by clicking need an Autodesk ID? when it ask you for an ID.

autocad exchange apps

There are many free applications and also limited trial. It’s just like Google Play (previously Android Market). If you want to check it, you can go to this page:

Another interesting thing is now there are extensions for other products. Not only AutoCAD.

select store

And just in case you haven’t checked our e-book, AutoCAD Block Best Practices is also available in Exchange app store. If you are interested to purchase it, you can make the purchase on Exchange App Store or from our own e-store here.

If you have purchased it, and if you like it, please give your rating on Exchange app page!

Now, you might want to go there and check if you can get free cool extension. Or find something that you need!

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