AutoCAD WS mobile: take your DWGs anywhere on your mobile device!

If you have followed CAD Notes posts since early this year, you may already read about project Butterfly. Now the project is gone, come out from beta, and released as final application: AutoCAD WS and AutoCAD WS Mobile. There are some buzz about it last week, but in case you missed it or wondering what is it, you may want to try it now.

AutoCAD WS is the desktop application that you can use on your computer, the original project Butterfly. All you need is browser and internet connection, then you can start using it. It is a free application, you can use your Butterfly account you created before, or create a new one.

I will not discuss about this desktop application in this post further, I will write it in separate post later.

AutoCAD_WS (600x408)

The AutoCAD WS Mobile

The mobile version is really surprised me. I never expect to see this service on mobile device before! It means that you can access your drawing anywhere with your device! I start to think that this is the real objective of Project Butterfly. 5 years ago, not many people access internet using mobile device. But today, it gives big impact for many aspects of business. Many people read news using their phones now. So it does make sense Autodesk want to jump in to the future. Doesn’t matter if not many people using online app today, one day we all will.

Now your partner can upload the drawing directly from AutoCAD using AutoCAD plugin, and you can access it online. Isn’t that cool?

Imagine this:

  1. Now we can get rid of the large thick papers when we go to the field. If you have 500 pages A1 size in a project, then this looks very interesting isn’t it? Simply bring an iPad, then you are ready to go. Yes iPad is expensive, but iPod touch looks quite affordable. Probably when it’s available for Android, then we can have more affordable choice. Sure you can use laptop too, using AutoCAD WS. Remember, it’s the same file on the web. So you and your whole team seeing the same version of the design.
  2. You can access the drawings anywhere. As long as you are connected to internet, you can review or make changes the drawings during your flight, when you are waiting at the lobby, anywhere! In some country (including my country) internet connection is not so easy to get. But today is much better than 5 years ago. And getting better each year. I guess Autodesk is stepping on the right path.

There are probably more benefits using this mobile app, you may want to share your thoughts. But those two are the first things came to my mind.

Unfortunately, at the moment the mobile apps only available for iOS. It means only iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. However, Shaan Hurley mention in his blog post that Android platform is considered for future development. I feel confident that they will have Android support, considering now it become very popular platform.

AutoCAD WS is also available for Android device. You can download AutoCAD WS from Android market here.

AutoCAD WS Mobile in Action

I don’t have iOS device, so I use some screen captures that you may also see on other site. However, here are some screenshots how it works on iPad. Click on image to see the larger size.

ipad03_editText (450x600)[10] ipad05_measure (450x600)[9] iPad04_grayscale (450x600)[9]
You can edit drawing, this demonstrate how you can edit text Want to know distance between objects? Sure, just measure it! You can also see it in grayscale, just to see how it would look like when plot it?

And these are some screenshots how it works on iPhone

iPhone04_drawingsManager (320x480) iPhone06_measureTool (320x480) iPhone03_moveTool (320x480)
It’s even has preview in file manager. I’m not sure how, but yes, we can measure distance too! You can modify the drawings on iPhone too!

Do you have iPad or iPhone and interested to see more? Download the application on iTunes: If you have difficulties using it, here is the tutorial page.

Unfortunately I don’t have iOS device so I can’t give it a try. It is free, so you’ve got nothing to loose to give it a try. Who knows, you might love it. At least it was a big launch as mentioned in Shaan’s Blog.

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