AutoCAD Performs Incorrect Calculation

My friend notify me about this bug a couple days ago. He mention that when we use the QUICKCALC (or CAL) command, AutoCAD returns incorrect value. This is a bug.

Try to calculate 750-693. You may see it returns incorrect value. I got 56. There are some more incorrect results.
Yesterday, VMichl notify me that this issue has been fixed in AutoCAD 2010 update 1.
Snipped from readme:

The following defects have been fixed:
(One of them is:)
Calculations performed by the QUICKCALC command may be incorrect.

If you have the same problem, download the update 1 here. Install it, and see if it’s fixed.

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  1. androXid says

    This bug has been discussed since june 2009, it has been discovered by a french CAD user and confirmed by Shann Hurley soon after on Twitter.