AutoCAD 2012: Array dialog box is back!

In AutoCAD 2012, we have enhancements in array tool. However, Autodesk decided to remove the array dialog box, and let us control array using command line (or dynamic input) and contextual ribbon tab. Many users don’t like it.

Users win. Autodesk decided to resurrect the dialog box!


This dialog is exactly the same with in previous releases. So if you choose to use it, you won’t be able to create associative array. And there is no path array option.

Service pack download links

The dialog box in included in AutoCAD 2012 (and LT 2012) service pack 1. Here are the links:

It’s a good thing to keep your AutoCAD updated with service packs. And you have one more reason in this release.

Loading AutoCAD 2012 array dialog box

To use the dialog box, you need to type it on command line: ARRAYCLASSIC.


I’m happy that Autodesk decided to bring it back. How about you?

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  1. says

    It seems AutoDesk have moved away from developing software for their customers and instead have a sandbox for their clueless software developers to work with. Every single release of AutoCad is plagued with issues, and destroys a lot of the functionality we have all grown used to.
    It surprises me that a company would mess around with something so pointless, why change the array method? Why not try making integration with other apps work, or integration with x86/x64 a bit more stable, my vault wont talk to office apps because they are 32 bit.
    But by all means, leave the important stuff in the pipeline and instead focus on dialog boxes and cursor badges. Lol. Muppets.

  2. alemke says

    I was mistaken, it was included in the last service pack of Plant 3D, I was looking in the wrong place.  Thanks for the help and I did add it to the PGP.  I'm using a loaner machine but I can't be without my own PGP file for a day.

  3. Alemke says

    I guess my next step is to complain until they include the fix in the next service pack or version…

  4. Alemke says

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  I can't tell you how frustrating the new array has been with Plant3D.  So many problems that I can't list them all here, so I'll just say thanks and go back to my happy little dialog box.  I have been using ACAD since vers.12, so I use the command line almost exclusively for my commands, but that new array command was a mess.

  5. says

    Once the service pack is installed, you can edit the command alias file [Tools>Customize>Edit program parameters (acadlt.pgp) ] and change "ARRAY,         *ARRAY" to "AR,         *ARRAYCLASSIC", for those of us that use keyboard commands, or edit the Array_Toolbar if you prefer to push buttons…
    Don't you wish that Autodesk would talk to its users BEFORE some of these tweaks??