2 Years of CAD notes, and more years to come!

birthday_cakeIt’s only a few days until CAD notes officially becomes 2 years old. I would like to thank you for you who stick around, keep this site active. And would like to welcome you who new here.

What happened in the last 12 months here? We’re not only updating post on this blog, but also had several changes here.

Let’s see the changes later. First, I would like to cover a bit about popular topics.

Popular topics

I don’t want to share the site statistics in details. What I want to highlight is, the interesting trend about topics we covered.

So what’re the popular pages in the last 12 months?

  1. 100 AutoCAD tips you should know
  2. CAD notes home page
  3. The table of contents page, with MicroStation table of contents is the most popular.
  4. Revit tip: Creating title block from AutoCAD sheet
  5. Introduction to annotation scaling
  6. The 3rd one is the biggest surprise. This blog has AutoCAD post more than the other topics. I expect that AutoCAD topics will be popular here. But no, more people come to read MicroStation tutorial!

Revit is also a popular topic. To be specific: AutoCAD user migrating to Revit! So if you are Revit blogger, cover that topic and you’ll be famous!

New logo

We changed couple of things in the last 12 months. The biggest change probably the logo.

CN_Logo logo100
Old logo New logo

We change the logo to something more CAD-ish. And I hope looks more fancy! So if you see the old logo, yes, it was CAD notes too.

New theme

We also change the site theme to look neat. I very like this theme. I don’t think I will change it again this year. If there are any changes, will be based on this theme.

We also installed mobile theme, so if you use mobile browser in iPhone, Android, Symbian, etc, would be easy to read. Many sites have done this. So I believe we have to support mobile browser as well. Not sure if you guys like to read CAD related topic on Galaxy tab, but if you do, we’ve prepared this site for you!

New social network

We decided to go to facebook too. It’s not easy to maintain multiple social networks, and keep connected. But not everybody like twitter. So they can’t connect with us on our twitter account.

So we create a facebook page where we, facebook users can get connected. If you like what we do and want to support us, go to this facebook page and give us a like ;)

I hope you enjoy being here

I hope you get what you’re looking for here. Please support us to make this site better.

If you find a post that you like, share it to your friends who might like it too.

If you have experience that you want to share, write a guess post so we can publish it here.

I hope we can serve you better!

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